Teacher Children, let's make

Teacher Children, let's make Children Is not present!


The adult calls kids Children, run all here.

Touch a snowball.

Snowball soft?

Soft, it is scattered.

Show, as it is scattered.

The adult bends and waves a hand, concerning snow.

As easily the snowball flies!

The tutor continues Look, we have all valenoks in snow and knees!

And on a path the snowball is not scattered?

Kids answer No, there it firM. Teacher Children, let's make the path here.

I will go ahead top top top.

And you for me on this narrow path.

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The word

The word But the boy weakened the doctor tried to object.

The word of the man cannot be broken the father winked to the son.

Questions and tasks Why the boy could not come off the computer?

May you interrupt interesting game on the computer, if you should go to do another matters?

Why it became boring for boy to live in the computer world?

List everything that the person cannot make without lump pyyuter.

List everything that the computer cannot give to the person.

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Magic leneoiok

Magic leneoiok That couple which it is necessary to stand will win.

about about If these rules seem simple, it is possible to complicate them, having introduced restriction time it is mute, for example minutes.

Magic leneoiok Stock ball.

Number of players .

Rules All players, except driving, stand in the row on distance of an outstretched arM. Driving becomes pe red them also begins game with words Jony.

sh rmletit, the petal flies Through all players.

Slightly will touch lands, You have to find it.

During these words the driving throws a ball for backs so that they it did not see players.

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On the expert

On the expert Rules All players share on teams.

On the expert to faltirovanny platform the square is drawn with the party of M. In the middle of this square the line dividing it on prya is drawn mougolnik, that is on fields seas and dry at.

One team fishermen is on land, and the second defenders of the nature at sea.

Sre di of participants sea choose commands ashes thuja small fish.

Games are equal x the stranzadacha of small fish to run out from the territory, to run all over enemy and to return back so that not to be caught by fishermen.

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This stream

This stream Here you, the cayman, and well show the force!

The cayman lay on the bank of a streaM. This stream was the river Amazon but anybody did not know it yet.

The cayman opened wide the huge mouth.

He grabbed with the terrible jaws a trunk dere va.

The tree was very big and thick.

The cayman in a moment a feather kusit a tree, and it fell.

The cayman told Here what force at me.

Let the ant will show the!

The ant told Now I will show.

He called the companions.

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Finishing If the fox cannot long catch somebody from playing, it is necessary to suspend and appoint game new fox.

Can choose the following cunning fox, on on to the tutor's rucheniye, someone from the playing.

Finishing game, it is necessary to mark out a fox, which caught bigger number of the children and playing those, who to time it was not caught.

If a platform big, it should be noted sides tsy its tags or to outline lines that I play shchy, running away from a fox, did not run across borders.

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They grew

They grew They grew under its window.

And every year wonderful roses blossomed on them white and red.

Questions and tasks What qualities of the Snow White and Krasnozorki were pleasant to you most of all?

As you think why two sisters received names White snowball and Krasnozork?

Why in a forest lodge nobody was frightened of a bear?

Why two sisters helped the angry dwarf?

As you arrive if you to whom to someone helped, and it in reply shouted at you?

V Written work Present that forest animals came to weddings of two sisters and birds.

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