You can limit

You can limit We have to talk to them quite frankly, the more that while the argument can be seen anywhere at home, on the street.

So we discussed such a situation, not missing a single one.

Judge of human nature?


And how curb.

It can be contained?

You can, but not by power, not by the chains and not prison.

You can limit yourself with the help of the environment, but this limitation will not clog me inside, as ri Tallinn, and will give a new development.

You come in a group is not perfect you certainly there are thorns, like a porcupine.

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To show

To show Also children are offered toys birdies on walk and in group for independent games on a subject Feeding trough .


Everyone lifted collar.

Supervision for passersby in to winter clothes, and also for clothes of children To create prerequisites to development in children to an esta tichesky taste, inquisitiveness, interest to to the events around.

To show a variety subjects of winter clothes.

To make active in speeches of their name cap, fur coat, mittens, valenoks, etc.

and qualitative characteristics fur, warm, fluffy It is necessary to support desire children independently to observe and tell to the adult about winter clothes passersby .

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Participants On a lot one of them a nachina et game.

Participants serially send a ball towards opponents who try not to pass a ball for line of a game, beating off it foot.

If the ball did not come to the line of a game, the playing transfer him hands.

So ball feather goes from team to team, will not pass yet for the line of a game.

Meeting by of the ball playing can leave for the konovy line only on one step.

If About a ball it is sent poorly and did not come to a game, playing also it is fined.

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Name Part

Name Part Both of these the impact should be equal and accurately weighed against each other.

Such a system is formed in the little person from the age of three.

Name Part one but with three to six years to tap into a system of criticism and analysis itself and the environment in the process of joint discussion.

We must show the child how it relates to society problems sit from it and can influence it.

We must lay the Foundation for his Boo the leading correct communication with the society.

Because all negative public phenomena that we observe today, such as terrorism, violence, the Pro proceed from the fact that no one taught these people right relationship with society.

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I absolutely

I absolutely Allow me, please to enter.

To what the Snake was delighted, having heard a voice of the Rabbit!

It very much loved rabbit meat.

Enter, enter!

she answered, wishing to deceive Kroli .

But the Rabbit perfectly understood with whom deals.

Forgive that I disturbed you, he told.

I absolutely forgot that I am waited by a doerabbit!


also rushed to run away at full speed.

The Rabbit in the hole rode and thought that vezhli the vost never before damaged to nobody.

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At once to salt

At once to salt To an olichestvo uch and with t nicknames about t d about .

Rules Choose driving salka and while he considers to or , other participants of game run up in time ny parties.

Sulc tries to catch up with somebody and to touch to osalit.

The one whom osalil, podnim et a hand up also shouts I am salka!

, that all players knew that the driving exchanged.

At once to salt previous salka it is not allowed.

D opolnit elna e rules it is impossible to salt that, who managed to fall to the ground, leaning on hands and socks of the extended feet; the one who managed to get up on one foot, or the one who sat down on some subject.

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Option. Exercise

Option. Exercise Drop of times, drop two, Drops slowly at first Children slowly clap a cap, a cap, a cap, a cap.

Drops began to keep up, The drop to catch up with a drop fs Library of the Logopedist Z Cap, cap, cap, cap Quickly we will open an umbrella, We will cover from a rain of!

Clap quicker.

Raise hands over the head, imitating an umbrella.

Adult how the rain slowly drips?

Clap; listen to the poem once again, speak and clap for the doge it is wild, and we will write down you on the tape recorder.


Exercise in drawing Rain droplets on windowpane.

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