Why parents

Why parents Why parents so indulge the daughter?

How you think, whether it is necessary to indulge children?

Whether your parents indulge you?


Whether the creative task Stirs us egoism?

Divide children into groups and distribute them cards with the different situations, for example in the crowded transport to the person crushed a foot; ?

someone jumps the line for tickets for the train; ?

the person is late, and him stop and ask to show ?

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In some cases

In some cases In some cases work on decrease in level of negative emotional manifestations pupils it can be taken out for a framework of cool and fixed systeM. As a rule, it is connected with need of carrying out the individual correctional developing work with children with very low level of progress, with children, uneasiness which very high level does not give them the chance to realize the abilities in a class, etc.

Results of a number of the researches Barbaresi W.


, Olsen R.


, testify about need of work with the teachers training children with SDVG.

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All next day Sasha

All next day Sasha About Sasha all as if forgot, and he sat, with bated breath.

When all fell asleep, Sasha on tiptoe approached a window.

It removed a leaf the fan ry, but suddenly his shoulder was squeezed by an iron hand.

Ouch yay yay!

Children cannot walk so late a hair parting one of teenagers known as Black, and the boy wound again flew away in a corner.

All next day Sasha one stayed in is driven in the number of cafe attached by a chain to some pipe.

Leaving, Cher the ny threw to Sasha a top crust of bread and muttered Itself came, did not call.

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The child, having

The child, having Operations procedure.

Before the child on a table acquaintances ig rushka.

The adult says a sound [and] and asks the child vyb host from the offered row that toy, which so govo rit.

Game P about a Path.

The adult shows to the child two to horns one is made of a satin ribbon, another from nazhdach ache papers.

The child, having felt paths, has to guess, on to what path the small doll, and on what pain will go necks bear.

He will see off fingers on a path to a bear, saying the necessary sound.

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Then it was pleasant, and now ceased

Then it was pleasant, and now ceased To you the most darkly blue most of all ponrav las mother reminded.

Then it was pleasant, and now ceased to please hmyk nulanut Ksyush.

On you you will not please mother became angry.

Of course, you will not please if you to me buying nothing those.

Asked paints did not buy, the camera new not bought, and even do not want to buy a jacket.

Mother wanted to remind the daughter that to it is ku two years ago drank the camera, and even wrote down in a photocircle.

And when them the beloved daughter wanted to draw, to her bought paints, and Ksyu sha went to art studio.

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But here

But here Threw Anansi the first stone into the river and in reflection of saw.

Its tatter turned into a wonderful dress.

Threw the second stone into a pink bush.

She was not in time an eye to blink as before it the carriage appeared.

Anansi in the carriage goes and does not know where.

Neither driver, nor horses is not present at this carriage.

But here she remembered about the third stone also threw it on the road.

Right there the carriage stopped, left Anans.

The palace costs on the hill, and leaves it to it towards prince.

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All evening

All evening Che cut half a year their searches stopped.

All right, do not cry, they will be, the seaman gloomy promised also led the baby for dinner.

All evening the girl did not depart from the browneyed seaman.

When for children from sea school the bus, the baby came strong embraced future seaman and silently asked And as they will be?

The boy did not answer, and teardrops again swept on bled to ny cheeks of the girl.

The teacher approached the baby and is tender prizha her la to itself Nastenka, it is impossible to cry very much, at you again will ache heart.

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