Let me be the first

Let me be the first After discussion will be to act the following.

Let me be the first acting.

For the first time it makes sense to help children.

After a while they will understand sense of game and will be able completely to take pleasure in this form of improvisation.

Analysis of exercise From what performances of children you managed to understand, what they like to do?

Who likes to do the same of children, as you?

Who from the acting surprised you with the hobbies?

Whether it was difficult to explain something to another without words?

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We have to form

We have to form It is important to show vulnerability, fragility, mysterious beauty of these beings.

We have to form a new, bioethical view this look it will be full of tenderness, respect, it will enrich is moral your child and will help with education of the person, tolerant to the world of the nature.

So, first of all show the most widespread insects, with interesting habits and the memorable appearance muravyishka, God's cow, butterfly, dragonfly.

Muravyishkirabotniki Ants by all means will draw attention of your child.

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The shining

The shining The kid answers A pear and still here.

The child is at a loss in a word choice.

The father helps it It, San, a kiwi, they grew up far from here.

On, a pear slice, a slice of a kiwi and.


All family laughs loudly before Sledge a tangerine segment.

The shining kid corrects the father No, it tangerine!

You noticed that fruit is given by slices.

It is so possible much to taste without risk for health.

Mother thoughtfully says And as to call them in a word?

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When forming

When forming When forming groups the leading trainer invites to participation family dyads mother and the child, the father and the child, the grandmother and the child, etc.

, informs participants on the purpose of carrying out occupations and about a number of conditions which need to be carried out.

One of conditions obligatory participation in to work not only child, but also parent.

In case constantly participating in training the parent cannot come to one of occupations, to training instead of it can come other family member grandmother, elder brother or sister, etc.

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Children The cat can run in only in gate.

Children revolve and speak Vaska greyish goes, Tail fluffy white, Vaska a cat goes.

Will sit down washes, By pad it is wiped, Sings songs.

The house it is not audible will bypass, Vaska a cat will hide, Gray mice zhdet.

After the word the cat waits starts catching a mouse.

When the cat catches a mouse, the tutor of a naznach et for these roles of other children.

The general duration of game B minutes.

Rules of the game Standing in a circle should not pass a cat under the linked hands.

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Suddenly The woman again ran behind train, and the Capricorn again if nulnut it.

Mother rushed in other party, the Capricorn became warmer.

It was as the game cold it is hot.

The goat pricked it, if it went not there, and grew warm if it moved in necessary on board.

Suddenly the medallion became hot, and mother saw that by it goes, gathering the speed, the freight train.

On a platform the last car the stooped native figure sat.

The sonny, Tim, Timochk mother cried, trying to catch up with the train.

The boy was swept up, and then closed eyes and jumped.

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Not incidentally

Not incidentally Role of phonemic hearing phonologic artikuliro vaniye for development of all speech function necessary for mastering of reading and the letter, it is indisputable.

Not incidentally at children with not created fonetikophonemic perception a cart nikat difficulties in mastering the diploma.

Having come to school, they often appear among poor.

Specificity their phonemic perception brings to fragile, atop nostny, fragmentary, not connected in uniform system of a zn to niya and skills.

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