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They grew

They grew They grew under its window.

And every year wonderful roses blossomed on them white and red.

Questions and tasks What qualities of the Snow White and Krasnozorki were pleasant to you most of all?

As you think why two sisters received names White snowball and Krasnozork?

Why in a forest lodge nobody was frightened of a bear?

Why two sisters helped the angry dwarf?

As you arrive if you to whom to someone helped, and it in reply shouted at you?

V Written work Present that forest animals came to weddings of two sisters and birds.

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Remember The person we show to people around who we are.

With its help we express the feelings and state of mind.

Separate features, a shape of a nose or mouth, perhaps, were transferred in a family from generations in generation.

Each person is unique and unique.

It same unique, as and fingerprints.

I brought some pocket mirrors.

Distribute them around and very attentively look at the person.

Remember a shape of a forehead, a section of eyes, scattering eyebrows, shape of a nose, lips and chin.

And now take everyone on a sheet of paper and describe lines of the person.

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In the river

In the river For example, in the game Kite and Brood Hen kite flies, and brood hen protects chickens.

Everything who looks and who plays, are taken by action whether it will be possible to grab to kite of a chicken?

And here other game Fishermen and small fishes.

In the river small fishes float.

Leave on fish I catch fishermen and shower a network.

All children the audience and participants with interest watch, whether small fishes will get in a network or will departure and will hide in a deep place, where fishermen cannot come.

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On the first

On the first Tired, you bivsh iyesya from forces withdraw.

The last player who reached the finish wins.

And nventar about tsutstvut.

Inimalny prick m chestvo of players .

P r and in and l and N and distance of m from the line of start before porridges smoke by a starting place it is spread out on pebbles.

ki have to reach the stones, collect them in total and to return on start, without having dropped production.

On the first player who came back on start bezhdat.

D istants iya for run represents an oval or circle.

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Number of players

Number of players Chinese whispers The I Stock is absent.

Number of players I and more.

P r and in and l and About About bychno play teams.

The leader thinks slo in and in a whisper whispers in it ear to the first member koman dy.

That asks to speak t and to silently, that nobody usla sh it is scarlet to the following player and so on on tsepoch ke.

The last member of team says the word aloud.

You that team which truly informed slo igryvat in the leader through all players.

& about Sometimes it is possible sh to at usla mind oritelny in and riant of the thought word, which N Ewer but transferred chinese whispers.

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Bamboo pole

Bamboo pole Now New Tkhi Mai for the first time could have a rest.

It was it is absolutely happy, if not melancholy about darling.

Meanwhile the rich man told a tigrolova that to New Tkhi Mai escaped with the wandering conjurer.

But the young man was horo the shy pathfinder, and the trace Mai brought it to the river and there was gone.

Bamboo pole it began to rummage on a bottoM. Disturbed the dragon pulled out a pole and angrily sniffed on the young man.

The youthtigrolov did not find the darling, but did not lose hope, asked about it everywhere.

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