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Even I do not go to school

Even I do not go to school I do not do nothing, I serve the family.

I am not able to be lazy The whole day I can work.

Even I do not go to school I do not find time.

Modest I, do not wait for an award, But parents are not glad.

Adults I will not understand something, Explain, why.

Questions to the poem What means, to be responsible for the native?

Why parents were not glad, if the boy from stikhotvore niya did on the house very much?

On what you usually do not have time?

What means, to answer for a pet?

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Daughter The cool

Daughter The cool What understood Ning in camp?

What has to be the person that children respected him?

Sketch Who is right Three children get out.

One person from couple plays a role ma we, another daughters, the third the father.

Children read a sketch on roles, and then discuss it on questions.

Daughter The cool went mad again, Declared to us severely Suddenly and without the prevention We write children, the composition.

Mother Yes, teachers went, I do not understand theM. The destiny of children is hard At such teachers.

Daughter After school I from Anyutkaya Swore outright.

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