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Psychological Suppose now is any incident, the children are excited sostoyanii It is necessary that the incident was still fresh in the group, so that the children could remember about it.

It should not be too far from theM. Psychological practice th they speak about that from the age of three the child begins to understand that someone is around him, starting to its own selfcenteredness and Eastern take the middle, and before that it sees only itself.

But the discussion deeds?

Is it not too difficult for them?

We must bring them together with a teacher and start talking about what did the child.

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At personal, and Jborobw

At personal, and Jborobw at Sometimes in a far corner of a playground draw the line of house, and the game purpose stano About to curl its achievement.

about The player who took cover in house, cannot be osalivat.

At personal, and Jborobw igryinventar ball, football goal, chestvo of participants .

Rules Game has other names Five hundred, Thousand, Doublet.

Two teams participate.

The protected team becomes in gate.

Igro ki the attacking team try to score a goal usually from the penalty line of a platform or from M. If the protected team misses the goal nepo sredstvenno from blow or a goal without distributing, biv the shy player acquires the right for the following blow.

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For example

For example After that the teacher asks children any question about zhert vennost.

For example in what situations you have to endow the time?

Children in turn tell about for whom and when they endow the time.

For example At me the grandmother got sick, and I need to sit with her; Parents asked me to help them with a garden and with a kitchen garden; Mother asked me to descend in shop etc.

Everyone who told about any situation, is awarded the sacrifice heart which is cut out from a cardboard.

Then peda Gogh asks the following question of sacrifice.

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At it always

At it always Primary enuresis meets much to a bowl secondary, including among children with SDVG.

Very often involuntary urination in a dream occurs against profundosomniya of excessively deep sleep, and the child, even being wet, does not wake up.

In % of cases at children from observed group it was noted enkoprez an incontience a calla.

At it always this symptom had secondary character and appeared against the chronic the psychoinjuring situation.

I. P.

Bryazgunov and E.


Kasatikova testify that hyperactive children are characterized by a snogovoreniye, concern in a dream, complaints to an insufficient dream at the bigger duration of a dream at children with SDVG in comparison with healthy contemporaries.

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Children And we should not be afraid that we build from him some artificial way.

It all depends on how we behave.

By the way, it is very important division in relation to girls or boys.

At what age?

Since three years for sure, maybe earlier.

Boys should be brought up to men, and girls women.

Children begin to feel that her husband the rank and women have different attitudes to life, different behavior of different stories all completely different.

Shows the difference between boys and girls, women and men ranks?

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Not to provoke

Not to provoke Therefore not it is necessary to tire the child, it is better to dose loading.

Not to provoke manifestation of symptoms of a hyperactivity, impulsiveness, carelessness, in some cases it is possible to offer the child with SDVG a look choice activity.

So, it is possible to ask it that he prefers to do to go for rehearsal or to help to set the tables to cut out from a figure cardboard, to grind pencils, etc.

And in process of performance of alternative actions the adult too can, if the child not against to remember with it the poem, dance etc.

Granting choice not only allows to avoid excessive loading and strengthening of symptomatology of SDVG, but also accustoms the child to acceptance of responsibility for that business which he chose itself, raises it interest and attention.

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