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Children practise

Children practise By means of this game the tutor develops at ty ability to carry out the movements on a signal by the word tutor.

Children practise in a throwing, in run with uvertyvaniye, in jumps on both feet.

GAMES OF AVERAGE MOBILITY Protect a subject Description of game The playing form a circle.

One of playing Naha it ditsya in the middle of a circle driving, the others stand, having a little placed feet and holding hands behind a back is Order hodny situation.

At feet of each child lies ku bik or other subject.

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I am sure

I am sure But I want to satisfy and own inquisitiveness, and then I will ask questions to all class.

I am sure that after such we will know games about each other more, and it will help us easier to find a common language.

Questions which you will ask all class, can be, for example, such Whether is in your family, except you, also other children?

Who from you the senior youngest child in a family?

At whom from you the most unusual hobby, a hobby?

At whom from you the most active temperament?

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Classification The review of literary data and results of the conducted clinical trials allowed to develop new classification of SDVG taking into account type and a form of a disease.

Classification of SDVG of L.


Sensitively SDVG types With prevalence of a carelessness.

With prevalence of a hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

The combined type.

SDVG forms Simple forM. The complicated form tserebroastenichesky option;.

nevrozopodobny option; combined option.

Severity The moderate.

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Having made

Having made Usual steps, Lilliputian become by a pristavleniye of a heel of odes ache feet closely to a sock another, and giant sha gi in this case it is necessary to do a long step jump.

Having made the called quantity of steps, driving it is old etsyatsya to get a ball to the planned player.

If that evades or catches a ball or driving promakhivat sya, all run up further away, so far driving again not will catch up with a ball and Shtander stop will not shout !


If bro juice is successful, driving changes roles with an osalenny ig fate, and game begins with tossing of a ball up.

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Next morning

Next morning As there is a wish to eat!

he began to cry.

The father mouse and Mother mouse told a little mouse Suffer, Krosh a mouse, you know that it is the house of poor people and in it seldom eat to satiety.

A poor little mouse, the old man told.

We are so poor, what even mice at us hungry.

Out of pity it gave to mice a half of the remained rice, and they have together supper.

Next morning mice got out of the house, trod snow also collected a huge armful of straw.

Mice with cheerful peep brought straw in the house.

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It is difficult

It is difficult It is difficult for younger school students to solve this problem if at them costs more than five children behind the back.

Kolya how you think, how many children now stands behind your back?

Analysis of exercise Whether on the business children behaved very silently?

You would like to leave in the center of a circle?

Whether you very much can hear silent rustles?

The good hearing is important for what professions?

Ivan da Tcacicha GAME since years Purposes This game demands high concentration of attention from both of its participants Ivana and Danila.

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