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It about

It about And nventar is absent.

Quantity at h and with t N and to about in .

P r and in and l and The playing sit down in a circle.

Choose the driving.

It about goes players and asks, what fruit they themselves was called.

Then he goes to the center of a circle, sits down sya also speaks When I went on a garden, saw revya with fine plums and apples.

What names told vodyashch y, have to on m enyatsya in places.

And driving Zahn yat a place one of players.

Esl and to him it works well, ig the fate, ostavsh iysya without place, becomes driving.

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The combination

The combination The combination of disturbing frustration to SDVG is observed approximately in % of cases of Tannock R.


Other authors note that disturbing frustration at SDVG meet in % cases of Mancini C.

et al.

, .

Results of the researches conducted by our employee O.


Lapshina , also showed that % of children with SDVG are characterized by signs disturbing frustration.

Were most often noted generalized disturbing upset stvo and disturbing fobicheskiye frustration of children's age, mainly the school phobias or phobias of preschool institution the F.

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The kind

The kind Began to yell Drive away this deceiver!

Sticks drive!

Beat him, as dog!

The neighbor hardly live was turned back, limping, in the torn dress.

The kind old man regretted it and gave it a new dressing gown.

From those time the neighbor ceased to beg unscrupulously.

Somehow time went Ded TsvetiSad to mountains.

And towards to it goes as if flies, the stranger.

He speaks to the old man by tender voice Well trees in my valley, when you their ashes blossomed strewed.

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When the person

When the person Listen, I remember, what you in water hit me, for what?

suddenly Andrey asked.

When the person sinks, he in a panic can sink that, who rescues it therefore it was necessary to cut down you spoky but Pavlik explained.

How to cut down?

You that, know receptions?

was surprised Andrey.

Yes, judo.

The father taught me, but he took from me the word, that I will apply them only in extreme cases.

Questions and tasks Why Andrey lifted up other children?

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To draw

To draw Forty beloboka Supervision for soroky To continue to develop ideas of birds, fixing attention on features of a structure bodies the head, wings, a tail, two legs.

To draw attention of kids to the festive to dress of a soroka sides and tummy white, and wings and long tail black, brilliant.

To cause esthetic response, sympathy for the elegant to soroka It is possible to attract parents to to installation large the stationary winter feeding troughs on a leg to support, with a roof.

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In investigated

In investigated In the presence of symptoms, characteristic both for simple, and for the complicated form diseases, a condition of the patient it was treated as the complicated forM. In investigated by us to group patients with the complicated disease form prevailed.

With age the tendency to increase in number of patients with the complicated came to light disease forM. Prevalence of patients with such form is especially expressed in the senior school age.

Perhaps, with age there is a transition from the first form of a disease in the second.

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