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To draw

To draw Forty beloboka Supervision for soroky To continue to develop ideas of birds, fixing attention on features of a structure bodies the head, wings, a tail, two legs.

To draw attention of kids to the festive to dress of a soroka sides and tummy white, and wings and long tail black, brilliant.

To cause esthetic response, sympathy for the elegant to soroka It is possible to attract parents to to installation large the stationary winter feeding troughs on a leg to support, with a roof.

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In investigated

In investigated In the presence of symptoms, characteristic both for simple, and for the complicated form diseases, a condition of the patient it was treated as the complicated forM. In investigated by us to group patients with the complicated disease form prevailed.

With age the tendency to increase in number of patients with the complicated came to light disease forM. Prevalence of patients with such form is especially expressed in the senior school age.

Perhaps, with age there is a transition from the first form of a disease in the second.

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Children The given lessons consist from the fairy tales, games, conversations and tasks directed on the deep accommodation of this or that subject, on development of the creative potential of children.

Children learn to state the cape whether, to work in groups, to put performances, to draw.

Wisdom steps lessons about kind qualities In the book the cycle of practical lessons of conversations is offered about different qualities.

In each lesson of the fairy tale, game, vopro sy and the tasks directed on creative accommodation subjects the child.

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