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Teacher Children, let's make

Children Is not present!.The adult calls kids Children, run all here.Touch a snowball.Snowball soft?Soft, it is scattered.Show, as it is scattered.The adult bends and waves a hand, concerning snow.As easily the snowball flies!The tutor continues Look, we have all valenoks in snow and knees!And on a path the snowball is not scattered?Kids answer No, there it firM

The word

But the boy weakened the doctor tried to object.The word of the man cannot be broken the father winked to the son.Questions and tasks Why the boy could not come off the computer?May you interrupt interesting game on the computer, if you should go to do another matters?Why it became boring for boy to live in the computer world?List everything that the person cannot make without lump pyyuter.List everything that the computer cannot give to the person.

Magic leneoiok

That couple which it is necessary to stand will win.about about If these rules seem simple, it is possible to complicate them, having introduced restriction time it is mute, for example minutes.Magic leneoiok Stock ball.Number of players .Rules All players, except driving, stand in the row on distance of an outstretched arM

On the expert

Rules All players share on teams.On the expert to faltirovanny platform the square is drawn with the party of M

This stream

Here you, the cayman, and well show the force!The cayman lay on the bank of a streaM


If the fox cannot long catch somebody from playing, it is necessary to suspend and appoint game new fox.Can choose the following cunning fox, on on to the tutor's rucheniye, someone from the playing.Finishing game, it is necessary to mark out a fox, which caught bigger number of the children and playing those, who to time it was not caught.If a platform big, it should be noted sides tsy its tags or to outline lines that I play shchy, running away from a fox, did not run across borders.

They grew

They grew under its window.And every year wonderful roses blossomed on them white and red.Questions and tasks What qualities of the Snow White and Krasnozorki were pleasant to you most of all?As you think why two sisters received names White snowball and Krasnozork?Why in a forest lodge nobody was frightened of a bear?Why two sisters helped the angry dwarf?As you arrive if you to whom to someone helped, and it in reply shouted at you?V Written work Present that forest animals came to weddings of two sisters and birds.


The person we show to people around who we are.With its help we express the feelings and state of mind.Separate features, a shape of a nose or mouth, perhaps, were transferred in a family from generations in generation.Each person is unique and unique.It same unique, as and fingerprints.I brought some pocket mirrors.Distribute them around and very attentively look at the person.Remember a shape of a forehead, a section of eyes, scattering eyebrows, shape of a nose, lips and chin.And now take everyone on a sheet of paper and describe lines of the person.

In the river

For example, in the game Kite and Brood Hen kite flies, and brood hen protects chickens.Everything who looks and who plays, are taken by action whether it will be possible to grab to kite of a chicken?And here other game Fishermen and small fishes.In the river small fishes float.Leave on fish I catch fishermen and shower a network.All children the audience and participants with interest watch, whether small fishes will get in a network or will departure and will hide in a deep place, where fishermen cannot come.

On the first

Tired, you bivsh iyesya from forces withdraw.The last player who reached the finish wins.And nventar about tsutstvut.Inimalny prick m chestvo of players .P r and in and l and N and distance of m from the line of start before porridges smoke by a starting place it is spread out on pebbles.ki have to reach the stones, collect them in total and to return on start, without having dropped production.On the first player who came back on start bezhdat.D istants iya for run represents an oval or circle.

Number of players

Chinese whispers The I Stock is absent.Number of players I and more.P r and in and l and About About bychno play teams.The leader thinks slo in and in a whisper whispers in it ear to the first member koman dy.That asks to speak t and to silently, that nobody usla sh it is scarlet to the following player and so on on tsepoch ke.The last member of team says the word aloud.You that team which truly informed slo igryvat in the leader through all players.& about Sometimes it is possible sh to at usla mind oritelny in and riant of the thought word, which N Ewer but transferred chinese whispers.

Bamboo pole

Now New Tkhi Mai for the first time could have a rest.It was it is absolutely happy, if not melancholy about darling.Meanwhile the rich man told a tigrolova that to New Tkhi Mai escaped with the wandering conjurer.But the young man was horo the shy pathfinder, and the trace Mai brought it to the river and there was gone.Bamboo pole it began to rummage on a bottoM


Suppose now is any incident, the children are excited sostoyanii It is necessary that the incident was still fresh in the group, so that the children could remember about it.It should not be too far from theM

At personal, and Jborobw

at Sometimes in a far corner of a playground draw the line of house, and the game purpose stano About to curl its achievement.about The player who took cover in house, cannot be osalivat.At personal, and Jborobw igryinventar ball, football goal, chestvo of participants .Rules Game has other names Five hundred, Thousand, Doublet.Two teams participate.The protected team becomes in gate.Igro ki the attacking team try to score a goal usually from the penalty line of a platform or from M

For example

After that the teacher asks children any question about zhert vennost.For example in what situations you have to endow the time?Children in turn tell about for whom and when they endow the time.For example At me the grandmother got sick, and I need to sit with her; Parents asked me to help them with a garden and with a kitchen garden; Mother asked me to descend in shop etc.Everyone who told about any situation, is awarded the sacrifice heart which is cut out from a cardboard.Then peda Gogh asks the following question of sacrifice.

At it always

Primary enuresis meets much to a bowl secondary, including among children with SDVG.Very often involuntary urination in a dream occurs against profundosomniya of excessively deep sleep, and the child, even being wet, does not wake up.In % of cases at children from observed group it was noted enkoprez an incontience a calla.At it always this symptom had secondary character and appeared against the chronic the psychoinjuring situation.I


And we should not be afraid that we build from him some artificial way.It all depends on how we behave.By the way, it is very important division in relation to girls or boys.At what age?Since three years for sure, maybe earlier.Boys should be brought up to men, and girls women.Children begin to feel that her husband the rank and women have different attitudes to life, different behavior of different stories all completely different.Shows the difference between boys and girls, women and men ranks?

Not to provoke

Therefore not it is necessary to tire the child, it is better to dose loading.Not to provoke manifestation of symptoms of a hyperactivity, impulsiveness, carelessness, in some cases it is possible to offer the child with SDVG a look choice activity.So, it is possible to ask it that he prefers to do to go for rehearsal or to help to set the tables to cut out from a figure cardboard, to grind pencils, etc.And in process of performance of alternative actions the adult too can, if the child not against to remember with it the poem, dance etc.Granting choice not only allows to avoid excessive loading and strengthening of symptomatology of SDVG, but also accustoms the child to acceptance of responsibility for that business which he chose itself, raises it interest and attention.

The main tool

The main tool which is used by the psychologist, the supervision method is systematic, fixed which results can be correlated to the main the symptoms described in MKB and with diagnostic criteria of DSMIV .Thanks to the directed supervision the psychologist will be able to note features of behavior and developments of the child with SDVG to avoid wrong attributing of this syndrome to impulsive, exceptional, disturbing children at whom the separate can be observed similar signs fieriness, fussiness, carelessness, etc.Except a supervision method also the analysis of products of activity can give help to the psychologist child drawings, handmade articles, workbooks.

Already at the first

Such in a way, the dysfunctional relations can become the reason of strengthening of symptomatology SDVG.Application of family therapy allows to create the therapeutic union, to provide mutual understanding between the family members suffering anguish from violation relationship, child and therapist.Already at the first session are formulated the therapeutic purposes which, however, can change in the course of therapy.As correctional work with SDVG is carried out with the child according to the principle phasing, forming ladders can become one of methods of family therapy problems Monina G.

Boyars, she is a little

Boyars, she is a little fool at us, young, she is a little fool at us!Boyars, and we pletochka it, young, and we pletochka it!Boyars, she is afraid of a pletochka, young, it is afraid of a pletochka!Boyars, and we its pryanichok, young, and we its pryanichok!Boyars, at it teeth hurt, young, at it teeth hurt!Boyars, do not play the fool, and give us the bride on always!About After that team with bride, rastyag it is howled, without breaking off hands, and chosen a forehead the century from opposite team razbegat sya also tries to break off a chain in proizvol number place.

You can limit

We have to talk to them quite frankly, the more that while the argument can be seen anywhere at home, on the street.So we discussed such a situation, not missing a single one.Judge of human nature?Yes.And how curb.It can be contained?You can, but not by power, not by the chains and not prison.You can limit yourself with the help of the environment, but this limitation will not clog me inside, as ri Tallinn, and will give a new development.You come in a group is not perfect you certainly there are thorns, like a porcupine.

To show

Also children are offered toys birdies on walk and in group for independent games on a subject Feeding trough ..Everyone lifted collar.Supervision for passersby in to winter clothes, and also for clothes of children To create prerequisites to development in children to an esta tichesky taste, inquisitiveness, interest to to the events around.To show a variety subjects of winter clothes.To make active in speeches of their name cap, fur coat, mittens, valenoks, etc.and qualitative characteristics fur, warm, fluffy It is necessary to support desire children independently to observe and tell to the adult about winter clothes passersby .


On a lot one of them a nachina et game.Participants serially send a ball towards opponents who try not to pass a ball for line of a game, beating off it foot.If the ball did not come to the line of a game, the playing transfer him hands.So ball feather goes from team to team, will not pass yet for the line of a game.Meeting by of the ball playing can leave for the konovy line only on one step.If About a ball it is sent poorly and did not come to a game, playing also it is fined.

Name Part

Both of these the impact should be equal and accurately weighed against each other.Such a system is formed in the little person from the age of three.Name Part one but with three to six years to tap into a system of criticism and analysis itself and the environment in the process of joint discussion.We must show the child how it relates to society problems sit from it and can influence it.We must lay the Foundation for his Boo the leading correct communication with the society.Because all negative public phenomena that we observe today, such as terrorism, violence, the Pro proceed from the fact that no one taught these people right relationship with society.

I absolutely

Allow me, please to enter.To what the Snake was delighted, having heard a voice of the Rabbit!It very much loved rabbit meat.Enter, enter!she answered, wishing to deceive Kroli .But the Rabbit perfectly understood with whom deals.Forgive that I disturbed you, he told.I absolutely forgot that I am waited by a doerabbit!Goodbye!also rushed to run away at full speed.The Rabbit in the hole rode and thought that vezhli the vost never before damaged to nobody.

At once to salt

To an olichestvo uch and with t nicknames about t d about .Rules Choose driving salka and while he considers to or , other participants of game run up in time ny parties.Sulc tries to catch up with somebody and to touch to osalit.The one whom osalil, podnim et a hand up also shouts I am salka!, that all players knew that the driving exchanged.At once to salt previous salka it is not allowed.D opolnit elna e rules it is impossible to salt that, who managed to fall to the ground, leaning on hands and socks of the extended feet; the one who managed to get up on one foot, or the one who sat down on some subject.

Option. Exercise

At learning

In all groups children are given games, accompany shchiyesya text.The tutor has to expressively about honor the text and to bring sense it home of children.At learning of the text with children the tutor watches, that children did not chant it, and said expressively and it is not too loud.During game the tutor gives signals the viewer ny lifts a color tag, sound strikes in a tambourine, in a drum, says certain words.Sound signals should not be too loud strong blows, sharp whistles, etc.irritate also a cart buzhdat children.

Yes left, he in discharge

We had a cat with kittens, told vospi tatelnitsa.And to you the guest from the sea came learned yesterday shcha.Learned that you are ill, and were upset … Where it?Where?the girl became agitated.Yes left, he in discharge was, told that him on two hours only released.Do not worry, here you will recover, and it still will come, the teacher calmed the girl.Next day the chamber included the nurse and put on a bedside table near Nastenki's bed big brown a pas Siberian salmons also told It to you from the seaman.

Children practise

By means of this game the tutor develops at ty ability to carry out the movements on a signal by the word tutor.Children practise in a throwing, in run with uvertyvaniye, in jumps on both feet.GAMES OF AVERAGE MOBILITY Protect a subject Description of game The playing form a circle.One of playing Naha it ditsya in the middle of a circle driving, the others stand, having a little placed feet and holding hands behind a back is Order hodny situation.At feet of each child lies ku bik or other subject.

I am sure

But I want to satisfy and own inquisitiveness, and then I will ask questions to all class.I am sure that after such we will know games about each other more, and it will help us easier to find a common language.Questions which you will ask all class, can be, for example, such Whether is in your family, except you, also other children?Who from you the senior youngest child in a family?At whom from you the most unusual hobby, a hobby?At whom from you the most active temperament?


The review of literary data and results of the conducted clinical trials allowed to develop new classification of SDVG taking into account type and a form of a disease.Classification of SDVG of L.S.Sensitively SDVG types With prevalence of a carelessness.With prevalence of a hyperactivity and impulsiveness.The combined type.SDVG forms Simple forM

Having made

Usual steps, Lilliputian become by a pristavleniye of a heel of odes ache feet closely to a sock another, and giant sha gi in this case it is necessary to do a long step jump.Having made the called quantity of steps, driving it is old etsyatsya to get a ball to the planned player.If that evades or catches a ball or driving promakhivat sya, all run up further away, so far driving again not will catch up with a ball and Shtander stop will not shout !.If bro juice is successful, driving changes roles with an osalenny ig fate, and game begins with tossing of a ball up.

Next morning

As there is a wish to eat!he began to cry.The father mouse and Mother mouse told a little mouse Suffer, Krosh a mouse, you know that it is the house of poor people and in it seldom eat to satiety.A poor little mouse, the old man told.We are so poor, what even mice at us hungry.Out of pity it gave to mice a half of the remained rice, and they have together supper.Next morning mice got out of the house, trod snow also collected a huge armful of straw.Mice with cheerful peep brought straw in the house.

It is difficult

It is difficult for younger school students to solve this problem if at them costs more than five children behind the back.Kolya how you think, how many children now stands behind your back?Analysis of exercise Whether on the business children behaved very silently?You would like to leave in the center of a circle?Whether you very much can hear silent rustles?The good hearing is important for what professions?Ivan da Tcacicha GAME since years Purposes This game demands high concentration of attention from both of its participants Ivana and Danila.

As you do not understand, at me most

Mothers, maybe, we will go to the father.On tickets of this money of a hv Tit Nikita offered.Still that?We get divorced from your father.I documents sent it that he signed them mother explained.Mothers, how so?the boy exclaimed.I not mo gu without father.What to you difference, if father two years of the house not zhi vt mother answered.Big difference.As you do not understand, at me most the best father on light.You anything in life do not understand it.Besides, yours nobody asks opinion, and I do not want to live with a neudachna lump mother became angry.

That player

If it gets, perch bowls off and if does not get, ig the fate comes back to the initial place.The player to whom Neptune will get a ball, can become his servant he will be poda About to vat a ball.And The driving has to throw always with same places.That player to whom never got wins ball.Jumps through a kegoner The stock is absent.On sand players draw two lines, distance between a cat eye approximately m it is fire.Number of players .Rules Players have to jump through fire.

You know

I want to invite you in travel to the country of imaginations during which you will hear much fine and pleasant words in the Sit down more conveniently and close eyes.Make three deep breath and an exhalation and relax.You know that in the very best depth of each of us disappears unique and wonderful star?This star distinguishes us from all other people.After all at each of us star own.Some stars differ from each other on color, some in size.But each of us bears this zvezoa which does it unique in the soul and the unique person Davay we will find for your own star.

For example, the set can to contain

And same image three times have to repeat, thus only color changes.For example, the set can to contain three triangles yellow, red and green, three squares, three circles and three asterisks of the corresponding flowers yellow, red, green.Other possible option three contours of lodges, three contours of tags, three contours of planes of different flowers etc.Pictures are displayed on tables by images up.Tables stand to one line, and at each dyad the table.Participants of training sit in other end of the room everyone dyad opposite to the table.

To make

If you knit a hook or spokes, connect jacket and hat or simply sew from a jersey rag.From the dense fabric can make trousers or a long winter skirt.To make stockings absolutely simply take a tubular piece of the necessary length from the old daughter's stockings, cut lengthways in the middle a little more, than to a half and sew on all vertical cuts.Above it is possible to insert the real elastic band.From felt or a leather substitute boots which it is possible are found to issue on top strips of fur fabric.Mittens for dolls it is possible to make of the cutoff fingers of an old glove we advise to attach them on a bright tesemochka.

So, that

Simply emotionally talk that observe; who flounders there, creeps away, slides, pereparkhivat.what green, the golden, velvety, tousled beings live on light.Teachers already understood that it is about activization and enrichment of the dictionary.So, that the child saw beauty of the world I received thus a push in speech development, with they should communicate.One more moment of speech development formation coherent dialogical speech.And if the kid is developed, already and monological.Compose together the fairy tale on a halt, write directly ashore!

It about

And nventar is absent.Quantity at h and with t N and to about in .P r and in and l and The playing sit down in a circle.Choose the driving.It about goes players and asks, what fruit they themselves was called.Then he goes to the center of a circle, sits down sya also speaks When I went on a garden, saw revya with fine plums and apples.What names told vodyashch y, have to on m enyatsya in places.And driving Zahn yat a place one of players.Esl and to him it works well, ig the fate, ostavsh iysya without place, becomes driving.

The combination

The combination of disturbing frustration to SDVG is observed approximately in % of cases of Tannock R..Other authors note that disturbing frustration at SDVG meet in % cases of Mancini C.et al., .Results of the researches conducted by our employee O.V.Lapshina , also showed that % of children with SDVG are characterized by signs disturbing frustration.Were most often noted generalized disturbing upset stvo and disturbing fobicheskiye frustration of children's age, mainly the school phobias or phobias of preschool institution the F.

The kind

Began to yell Drive away this deceiver!Sticks drive!Beat him, as dog!The neighbor hardly live was turned back, limping, in the torn dress.The kind old man regretted it and gave it a new dressing gown.From those time the neighbor ceased to beg unscrupulously.Somehow time went Ded TsvetiSad to mountains.And towards to it goes as if flies, the stranger.He speaks to the old man by tender voice Well trees in my valley, when you their ashes blossomed strewed.

When the person

Listen, I remember, what you in water hit me, for what?suddenly Andrey asked.When the person sinks, he in a panic can sink that, who rescues it therefore it was necessary to cut down you spoky but Pavlik explained.How to cut down?You that, know receptions?was surprised Andrey.Yes, judo.The father taught me, but he took from me the word, that I will apply them only in extreme cases.Questions and tasks Why Andrey lifted up other children?

To draw

Forty beloboka Supervision for soroky To continue to develop ideas of birds, fixing attention on features of a structure bodies the head, wings, a tail, two legs.To draw attention of kids to the festive to dress of a soroka sides and tummy white, and wings and long tail black, brilliant.To cause esthetic response, sympathy for the elegant to soroka It is possible to attract parents to to installation large the stationary winter feeding troughs on a leg to support, with a roof.

In investigated

In the presence of symptoms, characteristic both for simple, and for the complicated form diseases, a condition of the patient it was treated as the complicated forM


The given lessons consist from the fairy tales, games, conversations and tasks directed on the deep accommodation of this or that subject, on development of the creative potential of children.Children learn to state the cape whether, to work in groups, to put performances, to draw.Wisdom steps lessons about kind qualities In the book the cycle of practical lessons of conversations is offered about different qualities.In each lesson of the fairy tale, game, vopro sy and the tasks directed on creative accommodation subjects the child.

Why parents

Why parents so indulge the daughter?How you think, whether it is necessary to indulge children?Whether your parents indulge you?!Whether the creative task Stirs us egoism?Divide children into groups and distribute them cards with the different situations, for example in the crowded transport to the person crushed a foot; ?someone jumps the line for tickets for the train; ?the person is late, and him stop and ask to show ?

In some cases

In some cases work on decrease in level of negative emotional manifestations pupils it can be taken out for a framework of cool and fixed systeM

All next day Sasha

About Sasha all as if forgot, and he sat, with bated breath.When all fell asleep, Sasha on tiptoe approached a window.It removed a leaf the fan ry, but suddenly his shoulder was squeezed by an iron hand.Ouch yay yay!Children cannot walk so late a hair parting one of teenagers known as Black, and the boy wound again flew away in a corner.All next day Sasha one stayed in is driven in the number of cafe attached by a chain to some pipe.Leaving, Cher the ny threw to Sasha a top crust of bread and muttered Itself came, did not call.

The child, having

Operations procedure.Before the child on a table acquaintances ig rushka.The adult says a sound [and] and asks the child vyb host from the offered row that toy, which so govo rit.Game P about a Path.The adult shows to the child two to horns one is made of a satin ribbon, another from nazhdach ache papers.The child, having felt paths, has to guess, on to what path the small doll, and on what pain will go necks bear.He will see off fingers on a path to a bear, saying the necessary sound.

Then it was pleasant, and now ceased

To you the most darkly blue most of all ponrav las mother reminded.Then it was pleasant, and now ceased to please hmyk nulanut Ksyush.On you you will not please mother became angry.Of course, you will not please if you to me buying nothing those.Asked paints did not buy, the camera new not bought, and even do not want to buy a jacket.Mother wanted to remind the daughter that to it is ku two years ago drank the camera, and even wrote down in a photocircle.And when them the beloved daughter wanted to draw, to her bought paints, and Ksyu sha went to art studio.

But here

Threw Anansi the first stone into the river and in reflection of saw.Its tatter turned into a wonderful dress.Threw the second stone into a pink bush.She was not in time an eye to blink as before it the carriage appeared.Anansi in the carriage goes and does not know where.Neither driver, nor horses is not present at this carriage.But here she remembered about the third stone also threw it on the road.Right there the carriage stopped, left Anans.The palace costs on the hill, and leaves it to it towards prince.

All evening

Che cut half a year their searches stopped.All right, do not cry, they will be, the seaman gloomy promised also led the baby for dinner.All evening the girl did not depart from the browneyed seaman.When for children from sea school the bus, the baby came strong embraced future seaman and silently asked And as they will be?The boy did not answer, and teardrops again swept on bled to ny cheeks of the girl.The teacher approached the baby and is tender prizha her la to itself Nastenka, it is impossible to cry very much, at you again will ache heart.

Let me be the first

After discussion will be to act the following.Let me be the first acting.For the first time it makes sense to help children.After a while they will understand sense of game and will be able completely to take pleasure in this form of improvisation.Analysis of exercise From what performances of children you managed to understand, what they like to do?Who likes to do the same of children, as you?Who from the acting surprised you with the hobbies?Whether it was difficult to explain something to another without words?

We have to form

It is important to show vulnerability, fragility, mysterious beauty of these beings.We have to form a new, bioethical view this look it will be full of tenderness, respect, it will enrich is moral your child and will help with education of the person, tolerant to the world of the nature.So, first of all show the most widespread insects, with interesting habits and the memorable appearance muravyishka, God's cow, butterfly, dragonfly.Muravyishkirabotniki Ants by all means will draw attention of your child.

The shining

The kid answers A pear and still here.The child is at a loss in a word choice.The father helps it It, San, a kiwi, they grew up far from here.On, a pear slice, a slice of a kiwi and.apple!All family laughs loudly before Sledge a tangerine segment.The shining kid corrects the father No, it tangerine!You noticed that fruit is given by slices.It is so possible much to taste without risk for health.Mother thoughtfully says And as to call them in a word?

When forming

When forming groups the leading trainer invites to participation family dyads mother and the child, the father and the child, the grandmother and the child, etc., informs participants on the purpose of carrying out occupations and about a number of conditions which need to be carried out.One of conditions obligatory participation in to work not only child, but also parent.In case constantly participating in training the parent cannot come to one of occupations, to training instead of it can come other family member grandmother, elder brother or sister, etc.


The cat can run in only in gate.Children revolve and speak Vaska greyish goes, Tail fluffy white, Vaska a cat goes.Will sit down washes, By pad it is wiped, Sings songs.The house it is not audible will bypass, Vaska a cat will hide, Gray mice zhdet.After the word the cat waits starts catching a mouse.When the cat catches a mouse, the tutor of a naznach et for these roles of other children.The general duration of game B minutes.Rules of the game Standing in a circle should not pass a cat under the linked hands.


The woman again ran behind train, and the Capricorn again if nulnut it.Mother rushed in other party, the Capricorn became warmer.It was as the game cold it is hot.The goat pricked it, if it went not there, and grew warm if it moved in necessary on board.Suddenly the medallion became hot, and mother saw that by it goes, gathering the speed, the freight train.On a platform the last car the stooped native figure sat.The sonny, Tim, Timochk mother cried, trying to catch up with the train.The boy was swept up, and then closed eyes and jumped.

Not incidentally

Role of phonemic hearing phonologic artikuliro vaniye for development of all speech function necessary for mastering of reading and the letter, it is indisputable.Not incidentally at children with not created fonetikophonemic perception a cart nikat difficulties in mastering the diploma.Having come to school, they often appear among poor.Specificity their phonemic perception brings to fragile, atop nostny, fragmentary, not connected in uniform system of a zn to niya and skills.

Katya Valuyeva

In my opinion, gratitude it the help to parents when they grow old.My parents will provide themselves but if they ask mine the help, I will help.Katya Valuyeva Katya Valuyeva, years, years, Moscow, high school No.Moscow, high school No.Gifts for mother I want to tell one story as we had a rest with ma wash at her girlfriend at dacha.Houses cares of us and prepares generally the grandmother, but is pleasant to me more as prepares mother.At it everything much more tasty turns out, and still it cheerful and tender.

This type

This type of therapy gives to children with SDVG the chance actively to participate in correction process products of creativity are created by the child's hands.Joint creative activity helps impulsive children to learn to work together with contemporaries or the adult, controlling own behavioural reactions of Oklender V., .And if the child and relatives to it people parents, brothers and sisters, the psychologist psycho work on the project together the therapist receives idea of intra family problems and ways of their decision.


Sticks note borders of a game field at the edges and on the middle.Ig fates of both teams kneel also a clip yut hands to a body.The essence of game is that ig fates have to return a ball the head, without resorting to on relics of hands and feet.Street and Jboroby sh ry This game reminds f volleyball.It is possible lips About to roit rounds for minutes.And?T O A K t j H l Team which will score more goals to team to the opponent, it is considered the winner.KA D, The stock is absent.Number of players .

Even I do not go to school

I do not do nothing, I serve the family.I am not able to be lazy The whole day I can work.Even I do not go to school I do not find time.Modest I, do not wait for an award, But parents are not glad.Adults I will not understand something, Explain, why.Questions to the poem What means, to be responsible for the native?Why parents were not glad, if the boy from stikhotvore niya did on the house very much?On what you usually do not have time?What means, to answer for a pet?

Daughter The cool

What understood Ning in camp?What has to be the person that children respected him?Sketch Who is right Three children get out.One person from couple plays a role ma we, another daughters, the third the father.Children read a sketch on roles, and then discuss it on questions.Daughter The cool went mad again, Declared to us severely Suddenly and without the prevention We write children, the composition.Mother Yes, teachers went, I do not understand theM


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