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Children The cat can run in only in gate.

Children revolve and speak Vaska greyish goes, Tail fluffy white, Vaska a cat goes.

Will sit down washes, By pad it is wiped, Sings songs.

The house it is not audible will bypass, Vaska a cat will hide, Gray mice zhdet.

After the word the cat waits starts catching a mouse.

When the cat catches a mouse, the tutor of a naznach et for these roles of other children.

The general duration of game B minutes.

Rules of the game Standing in a circle should not pass a cat under the linked hands.

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Suddenly The woman again ran behind train, and the Capricorn again if nulnut it.

Mother rushed in other party, the Capricorn became warmer.

It was as the game cold it is hot.

The goat pricked it, if it went not there, and grew warm if it moved in necessary on board.

Suddenly the medallion became hot, and mother saw that by it goes, gathering the speed, the freight train.

On a platform the last car the stooped native figure sat.

The sonny, Tim, Timochk mother cried, trying to catch up with the train.

The boy was swept up, and then closed eyes and jumped.

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Not incidentally

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Not incidentally Role of phonemic hearing phonologic artikuliro vaniye for development of all speech function necessary for mastering of reading and the letter, it is indisputable.

Not incidentally at children with not created fonetikophonemic perception a cart nikat difficulties in mastering the diploma.

Having come to school, they often appear among poor.

Specificity their phonemic perception brings to fragile, atop nostny, fragmentary, not connected in uniform system of a zn to niya and skills.

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Katya Valuyeva

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Katya Valuyeva In my opinion, gratitude it the help to parents when they grow old.

My parents will provide themselves but if they ask mine the help, I will help.

Katya Valuyeva Katya Valuyeva, years, years, Moscow, high school No.

Moscow, high school No.

Gifts for mother I want to tell one story as we had a rest with ma wash at her girlfriend at dacha.

Houses cares of us and prepares generally the grandmother, but is pleasant to me more as prepares mother.

At it everything much more tasty turns out, and still it cheerful and tender.

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This type

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This type This type of therapy gives to children with SDVG the chance actively to participate in correction process products of creativity are created by the child's hands.

Joint creative activity helps impulsive children to learn to work together with contemporaries or the adult, controlling own behavioural reactions of Oklender V.

, .

And if the child and relatives to it people parents, brothers and sisters, the psychologist psycho work on the project together the therapist receives idea of intra family problems and ways of their decision.

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Street Sticks note borders of a game field at the edges and on the middle.

Ig fates of both teams kneel also a clip yut hands to a body.

The essence of game is that ig fates have to return a ball the head, without resorting to on relics of hands and feet.

Street and Jboroby sh ry This game reminds f volleyball.

It is possible lips About to roit rounds for minutes.


T O A K t j H l Team which will score more goals to team to the opponent, it is considered the winner.

KA D, The stock is absent.

Number of players .

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