The main tool

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The main tool The main tool which is used by the psychologist, the supervision method is systematic, fixed which results can be correlated to the main the symptoms described in MKB and with diagnostic criteria of DSMIV .

Thanks to the directed supervision the psychologist will be able to note features of behavior and developments of the child with SDVG to avoid wrong attributing of this syndrome to impulsive, exceptional, disturbing children at whom the separate can be observed similar signs fieriness, fussiness, carelessness, etc.

Except a supervision method also the analysis of products of activity can give help to the psychologist child drawings, handmade articles, workbooks.

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Already at the first

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Already at the first Such in a way, the dysfunctional relations can become the reason of strengthening of symptomatology SDVG.

Application of family therapy allows to create the therapeutic union, to provide mutual understanding between the family members suffering anguish from violation relationship, child and therapist.

Already at the first session are formulated the therapeutic purposes which, however, can change in the course of therapy.

As correctional work with SDVG is carried out with the child according to the principle phasing, forming ladders can become one of methods of family therapy problems Monina G.

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Boyars, she is a little

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Boyars, she is a little Boyars, she is a little fool at us, young, she is a little fool at us!

Boyars, and we pletochka it, young, and we pletochka it!

Boyars, she is afraid of a pletochka, young, it is afraid of a pletochka!

Boyars, and we its pryanichok, young, and we its pryanichok!

Boyars, at it teeth hurt, young, at it teeth hurt!

Boyars, do not play the fool, and give us the bride on always!

About After that team with bride, rastyag it is howled, without breaking off hands, and chosen a forehead the century from opposite team razbegat sya also tries to break off a chain in proizvol number place.

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You can limit

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You can limit We have to talk to them quite frankly, the more that while the argument can be seen anywhere at home, on the street.

So we discussed such a situation, not missing a single one.

Judge of human nature?


And how curb.

It can be contained?

You can, but not by power, not by the chains and not prison.

You can limit yourself with the help of the environment, but this limitation will not clog me inside, as ri Tallinn, and will give a new development.

You come in a group is not perfect you certainly there are thorns, like a porcupine.

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To show

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To show Also children are offered toys birdies on walk and in group for independent games on a subject Feeding trough .


Everyone lifted collar.

Supervision for passersby in to winter clothes, and also for clothes of children To create prerequisites to development in children to an esta tichesky taste, inquisitiveness, interest to to the events around.

To show a variety subjects of winter clothes.

To make active in speeches of their name cap, fur coat, mittens, valenoks, etc.

and qualitative characteristics fur, warm, fluffy It is necessary to support desire children independently to observe and tell to the adult about winter clothes passersby .

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Participants On a lot one of them a nachina et game.

Participants serially send a ball towards opponents who try not to pass a ball for line of a game, beating off it foot.

If the ball did not come to the line of a game, the playing transfer him hands.

So ball feather goes from team to team, will not pass yet for the line of a game.

Meeting by of the ball playing can leave for the konovy line only on one step.

If About a ball it is sent poorly and did not come to a game, playing also it is fined.

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